"To the EXTREME!!!!!!"

"*to Lambo* Smile....I said smile! Smile! Damn you!"

"This box is extremely yellow!"

"The dolphin has guts. I want him in my club!"

"But I`m also a man! One punch and I can move on!"

"Awesome! That`s proof of his strength!"

"You dodged my extreme right! I`m really impressed with you now! Join our club, Sawada!"

"Tsuna and his friends are so passionate! Let me in, too!"

"It is time to let the one called Namimori`s Rumble Fish teach!!!!!"

"Alright! My ULTIMATE power is emerging!"

"Real men only go straight!" (when failing to make his bike turn corners)

"(to Lambo) Don`t you want to see Tsuna`s mama again?!"

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