"But you know....It`s the first time I see him with that face. He`s calm despite being about to face the decisice battle....and he makes me calm too. I feel like I can FOLLOW HIM SAFELY.

"Lal Mirch: Was there anything you didn`t get so far?

Yamamoto: Er....Um....Actually....I didn`t understand anything you`ve said

Tsuna: He said it!

Lal Mirch: *walks up to Yamamoto*

Yamamoto: ?

Lal Mirch: *hits Yamamoto, sending him flying* UNDERSTAND!

Tsuna: Yamamoto!!!

Lal Mirch: Remember everything I`ve said and repeat it to yourself until you understand it.

Tsuna: She`s the devil!"

"They`re playing tag. How nostalgic." (referring to Lambo and I-Pin)

"Tsuna, you`re really such a funny guy!"

"The Shigure Souen Style is completely flawless and invinceable!"

"You won`t know if you don`t give it a try."

"Rely on your instict, rather than logic."

"A game about Mafias? Cool!"

"Yo, Lambo, did you bathe?"

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