Hibari Kyoya


Katekyo Hitman Reborn

" I'll bite you to death! "

"Shall we have a little contest?"

"Pride is not something you can surrender."

"But it is not pride that I do not surrender, I do not surrender therefore I am proud."

"It is the sky, that allows the cloud to move about freely."

"But someday, I will even bite up the sky itself"

"Little animal .. Your face right now ... is dull ... Watch my fight!

"No one can restrain me with logic."

"Wrong, you didn`t even get one syllable right."

"The word ' discipline ' is something that I would never give up, no metter what. But it`s not because it is my pride that I will not give up. It`s because I cannot give it up, that`s why it is my pride."

"It`s not that I can`t drink, I just choose not to."

"To increase the flame of the ring is to be pissed off."

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